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ArchiveCore Streamlines the Process for Storing, Sharing and Verifying Professional Credentials

As physicians, we have seen first-hand the toll that credentialing delays take on our teams, our patients, and on our healthcare system.


Structural problems with credentialing extend far beyond the walls of the hospital. The challenges in verification of training and competency are not unique to healthcare. We work with clients from many professions, including education, skilled trades, and engineering.


Using ArchiveCore, professional identity documents are stored in a secure digital vault. These records, when shared, can be verified with accuracy and efficiency. 

How Can ArchiveCore Help You?

Various types of professionals

For Professionals

ArchiveCore software provides a secure and permanent home for your professional credentials.

Hospital entrance

For Employers

Streamline the credentialing process and fill vacancies faster with ArchiveCore.

Graduates holding diplomas

For Credential Grantors

Instantly sign, store and share professional credentials with ArchiveCore.

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