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For Professionals


ArchiveCore provides a secure and permanent home for your professional credentials.



  • Your credentials are stored in your secure vault.

  • Your documents are protected from loss in flood, fire, and other disasters.

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  • Your credentials are accessible and easy to share when you apply for a new position.

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  • Each document has a unique digital fingerprint that helps your future employer verify authenticity of your credentials.

Upload your important documents to your ArchiveCore Vault.

Step 1 

List of  possible documents required for credentialing

Your documents are secure, organized, and always available to you

Step 2

Share the link to your ArchiveCore Vault at your discretion.

Step 3

Current employers can update your ArchiveCore vault with new documents. Future employers can download & verify your documents to speed up the credentialing process. 

How It Works

Upload your documents once. Keep them safe in your ArchiveCore vault. Share them with ArchiveCore's secure portal.  

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