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About ArchiveCore

Keel Coleman, DO & Lennox McNeary, MD, co-founders of ArchiveCore are standing back to back in a hall with windows on one side

The ArchiveCore team recognizes that identity will be the most important currency in the future. 

In a time of increasing instability, both globally and at home, all individuals need safe, secure access to their professional credentials. Credentialing delays can be devastating--both professionally and personally.  

We have spoken with:

  • Individuals whose employment was delayed for months, because their records were lost in a natural disaster, their training program no longer exists, or their former employer has died. 

  • Overloaded administrative employees who have expressed frustration at the time they have wasted searching for documents, rather than focusing on tasks that truly need their attention

  • Employers who cannot onboard new employees quickly enough because of delays in obtaining and verifying applicant records. 

As physicians, we have seen first-hand the toll that credentialing delays take on our teams, on our patients, and on the healthcare budget. Systemic problems with credentialing extend far beyond the walls of the hospital.


The challenges in verification of training and competency are not unique to healthcare, and we work with clients from many professions, including Education, Skilled Trades, and Engineering.


With ArchiveCore, professional identity documents are stored in a secure vault. These records are easily shared and can be verified with accuracy and efficiency. ​

ArchiveCore streamlines the storage, sharing, and verification of professional credentials, so you can 

  • get to work more quickly

  • process new hires quickly and efficiently

  • simplify the onboarding process.


ArchiveCore Inc

709 South Jefferson St. SW

Suite 3

Roanoke, VA 24016


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