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The barrier to becoming a physician is no longer medical school acceptance

Thomas Nasca, President and CEO of the ACGME, gave a typically phenomenal presentation this morning. He detailed the growth in undergraduate medical education (UME) and the the response of the graduate medical education (GME) community.

The take-away was that the barrier to becoming a doctor is no longer getting into medical school. It is now entry into residency. With a greater than 30% increase in GME positions, we are witnessing a historic jump in the number of physicians trained in the US.

This will translate into a greater number of physicians entering the workforce. Larger labor pools available to employers typically translate into less favorable conditions of employment. This is already manifest in the details of contracts we are seeing presented to new graduates.

As working conditions worsen, there will be liquidity and movement of doctors. The era of “this is where I will spend my career” is ending.

For physicians this means that we must be ready to move to a new position efficiently. Waiting 4-6 months for credentialing will not be realistic.

For those of us recruiting doctors, we must adjust our workflows to accommodate a more transient professional population.

ArchiveCore answers these needs. By streamlining the process for obtaining primary source verification, we minimize delays in positioning new career physicians. Our software includes a repository for documents and builds an immutable record with which physicians and employers may track and record the course of a career.

We are facing revolutionary change and challenges in modern US healthcare. The “old way” of doing things will not suffice. We must embrace today’s change and meet the challenges of tomorrow with tools that fit the need. ArchiveCore is a tool you can use today to prepare for tomorrow.


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